NYCR is an Electronic Dance Music production company based in New York City. We have produced over 40 different events in our 6 years of being at a plethora of different venues in NYC such as SRB Brooklyn, The Gramercy Theatre, Rebel NYC, The Electric Warehouse, Amazura Concert Hall, The Hook aka Hello Brooklyn, The Cultural Performing Arts Center of Brooklyn (AKA Pulse 48) and many others. Our events cater to the 18-30 year old crowd and are known for their amazingly good vibes, good people who attend them as well as our dedication to working hard creating truly unique experiences.

NYCR and OGBK Present Naughty Neon 2

We have booked a lot of excellent acts such as : Dieselboy, DJ Isaac, Drop The Lime, Dara, AK1200, DJ Irene, Charles Feelgood, DJ Funk, Frankie Bones, DJ Icey, Faust, Shortee, Heavygrinder, 2Rip, Udachi, Gonzo, DJ Odi, Rob GEE, Jen Lasher, Delta 9, Capitol J, Delirium, Scotto, T-1000, Danny The Wildchild, Simply Jeff, DJ Venom. X-Dream, Dank, Star Eyes, Jubilee, Empress, Jen Mas and many local djs.

We also have produced events with a lot of other promotional companies over the years such as Stuck On Earth, Epic Entertainment, Caffeine, Original Brooklyn and Audiolust. We maintain good relations with basically every promotional company on the east coast including Steez Promo, Columns of Knowledge in MA/RI, B.A.D.Ass Raves in DC, 412 Hardstyle in PA, Tight Crew in MA/RI, The Mutiny in MA and many others.

Our mission is to provide the masses with quality events with unique themes and to continue to be trend setters in this day and age where EDM is blowing up in the USA.



2/20/11 Naughty Neon

2/19/12 Naughty Neon 2

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