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We are hard at work on a complete overhaul of our website! Some of the new features will include:

- Better Organized / Accessible Event Listing System

- Completely Overhauled Music Section

- More Daily/Weekly content via new partnerships w other promotional companies.

- Faster Load times / Bug Fixes / a more mobile friendly site.

- Our own private social network / additional membership options *LONG TERM*


We recently added a bunch of new events and festivals to our database, check them out!


Interested in being a site contributor? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


Also this week we'll be dropping full details on our next event Super Smashed Bros IV on Oct 10th!


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NYC Based Powerhouse DJ DANK is back at it once again with a 2 track house music EP entited "Future Touch". Out now on AIA Records! Also be sure to catch Dank at Elemental Fusion Festival on Sept 10-13 in Vernon, NJ ( www.EFF2015.com ) !

Listen / Buy Future Touch on Itunes

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