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Demien Sixx's new electro house banger Savage Wasteland takes you on a musical journey unlike any other. Straight from the intro, this track pulls you in and preps you for a the ride it's about to take you on with its Mad Max inspired Bass Riffs and pure Energy flowing throughout the track. Demien Sixx is certainly here to make a statement with his unique style. We look forward to what his future will bring to our ears next! Out now on Beaport!


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On June 26th at Red Wolf Night Club in Brooklyn NY, Experience the Fantasy with NYCR For the fifth installment of our Vinyl Fantasy series. Expect an all out assault on your senses with 2Rip, Knowledge, Cosmal + Ali Laz *LIVE*, Caliente, The Magick Report and Gaby Noodle performing. Special Features include:15,000 Watts of Sound, DJ Character Costumes, Choreographed Fight Scenes by Rave Ninjas, Final Fantasy Themed Deco, Cosplay Dancing Performances by The Chemical Crew, Video Game Stations, and Vendors Galore.




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