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Don't know what you are doing this Halloween weekend? The NYCR Newsletter has you covered with a list of quality events in the Northeast, from FREE Halloween raves in NYC to massive festivals in MD there is a whole lot of awesome stuff going on. This weeks edition also features music from Rockman, Heavygrinder, Mark Instinct & Wubson, Eco and DJ Venom!

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EDM is not just a music genre it is indeed a lifestyle. It is not just about the music it’s about the vibes, your squad, and having the time of your life each time your favorite DJs take the stage. It is about the sweat, the crazy beats, dancing, the blazing crowd, and to be able to let go of all worries and insecurities. Since the world got its first taste of Electronic Dance Music in the late 1970s it has grown to become one of the top preferred music genres of today. From radio and commercials to music festivals and clubs, EDM has grown to be massive!

EDM lovers not only crave great music but demand the hottest and finest apparel to rock at festivals and parties. Seeing the growing need for creative, art inspired EDM apparel iEDM was born. Launched in 2014, the brain child of Anthony Ulanovsky has become one of the leading EDM apparel retailers in the world featuring 20+ brands. His long time passion and near obsession with Electronic Dance Music, the unbelievable community vibes and of course the music festivals (Ultra, Tomorrowland, and EDC to name a few) led him down a path of creating a cutting edge online store that offers more than 7000 products ranging from kaleidoscope glasses to hoodies and HD bed sets.

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