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Moonrise Festival 2016 Tickets have just gone on sale! Get yours today!


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Electronic dance music is one genre that has grown to a previously unimaginable height in recent years. The genre now has uncountable subgenres developed by artistes looking for new ways to create scarce sound styles with different forms of electronically generated beats and rhythms.  

Much of the genre’s successes and heightened awareness about it can be traced to EDM successes like David Guetta, Van Buuren and Tiesto. Today, EDM shows sell out major arenas as the market’s worth continues to soar. The music genre offers natural accompaniment for many activities including sport, gambling and even academic activities.

This piece takes a look at some of the best apps for discovering EDM music, whilst this list of common gambling apps offers you some bingo gambling accompaniment for your music. The best of both worlds in one article!


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